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OKA computing cluster

cluster diagram cluster diagram


Data acquired with OKA Data Acquisition System as well as generated by Monte-Carlo will be processed on OKA computing cluster. Some hosts in the cluster will run DAQ event builders during experimental setup run and save events on file server.
Host(s)TypeHw SpecProvided Service(s) user front-end P4 2.40GHz, 512Mb RAM, 512Mb swap, 2x1GB ethernetSGE master node, mirrors of SLC repositories, OKA experiment portal, Ganglia web front-end
(intranet) batch node (3x)Athlon 2GHz (2800+), 512Mb RAM, 1.5Gb swap, 2x1GB ethernet SGE batch nodes
oka07.ihep.sufile server P4 3.00GHz (HT off), 1Gb RAM, 512Mb swap, 2x1GB ethernet, UltraTrak SX8000 SCSI RAID with overall capacity 1.7Tb NFS server

It is required to increase the number of batch nodes up to 50 CPUs (~3GHz each one) to provide full Monte-Carlo and data processing as well as on-line event filtration (software trigger) in accordance with OKA proposal (sorry, in russian only). File-server provides NFS server based access to RAID, so SAN is not SAN up to the moment, just a storage dedicated network. The network will be turned into the SAN with specialized software (e.g. with GFS by RedHat with Gb Ethernet as physical layer between GNBD and GFS servers) in the OKA cluster to be mounted, because NFS doesn't scale well for dozens of clients.


Basic software installed on the cluster (i.e. used on all batch and master nodes) includes:
Batch monitor/okas/sgeadmin/sge6.0u8


OKA hosts are monitored in real time with Ganglia distributed monitoring system (hosts summary statistics). All monitored hosts are divided on three groups: Another way to get more full info about nodes is to use Q-commands developed for cluster users and described in Tutorial for OKA cluster users.

Local mirrors of repositories

OKA hosts are installed/upgraded with the local mirrors of original repositories SLC3 and SLC4.

If you are OKA collaborator and want to get account on OKA cluster contact cluster administrator
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